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September 19, 2017

Cargo’s Dan Gliatta at The B2SMB Summit: Understanding SMBs’ ‘WIIFM’ Test

  Small businesses want to hear from big brands and companies, yet there is a nagging disconnect between them. Basically, brands and enterprise companies may not speak the same language as SMBs. They may not appear to “get” them and connect on an emotional level. And they don’t really deliver both the real and perceived value…

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September 18, 2017

Preparing For The B2SMB Summit: Interviews and Research on 12 Industry Leaders

What trends are really going to cause shifts in the next wave of the $500 Billion business to small business marketplace?  It is a critical question that Dave Walker and I have  pondered as we built  our unique event, The B2SMB Summit, which is now just two weeks away, Oct. 3-4, in Chicago. Many of…

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September 14, 2017

DexYP’s Gordon Henry at The B2SMB Summit: ‘Stop Being Amazon’d to Death’

  Yellow Pages can shift into an even larger business that not only sells advertising, but provides complete marketing and administrative services, according to DexYP EVP and CMO Gordon Henry, who is set to speak at The B2SMB Summit, one of his first appearances since Dex merged with YP last winter to form a Yellow…

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September 14, 2017

Pitney Bowes’ Michael Griffiths at The B2SMB Summit: Driving SMB E-Commerce

One of the key topics we’ll be tackling at The B2SMB Summit is the rise of the new generation of e-commerce, which has raised the bar for SMBs competing against larger enterprises.  Nearby warehouses, speedy delivery, efficient shipping and handling and ease of return are among the factors that SMBs need help with to level…

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September 13, 2017

The Press Release: Office Depot, Kabbage, Pitney Bowes, Indeed, Microsoft Join A-List Speaker Lineup and 50+ Brands at the National B2SMB Summit

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 The B2SMB Summit, the most significant gathering of business-to-small-business executives ever held, today announced that its Day 2 morning keynote will be delivered by Janet Schijns, Senior Vice President of Services at Office Depot – whose organization spans Print, Copy, Technology and beyond for the office and business solutions giant, and…

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September 7, 2017

Comcast Business’ Brett Tolbert at The B2SMB Summit: Taking Digital Services to Market

For tech vendors and marketing partners, SMBs obviously represent a challenge. There are a lot of SMBs that need to be touched. And once you get ahold of them, they tend to have custom needs and are not always attentive. Utilities, such as telecom and cable companies, have a head start in working with SMBs….

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September 6, 2017

Our New StreetFight Post: What Is B2SMB (And Why We Are Putting On The B2SMB Summit)

Businesses selling services to SMBs — a category we call “B2SMB” — currently bring in $500 billion a year. But major changes can be anticipated as the market shifts away from media towards cloud based services, artificial intelligence, marketing automation and location marketing. This cluster of tech movements represent real opportunities to help SMBs target…

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August 29, 2017

infor’s Sandi Thomas at The B2SMB Summit:  Helping SMBs Become Self-Sufficient

One of the big themes at The B2SMB Summit is how to help SMBs get ahold of technologies and services that are taken for granted by enterprise companies.  Goals include the integration of  their front office operations (customer facing services) with their back office functions (HR, accounting and administration) infor VP of SMB Strategy Sandi Thomas —…

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August 24, 2017

GoDaddy’s Steven Aldrich at The B2SMB Summit: Big Growth, Still ‘Just Scratching The Surface’

As GoDaddy prepares to pass the CEO role from Blake Irving to Scott Wagner, a lot of press reports have noted the company’s rapid growth as an SMB platform provider – a subject that CPO Steven Aldrich is set to discuss in detail at the upcoming B2SMB Summit in October. As Fortune noted, “the company…

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August 22, 2017

Cisco’s Jenn Allen at The B2SMB Summit: Making Tech a Competitive Advantage

  Wireless, AI and other tech enhancements, on some levels, represent new ways for SMBs to add value to their customers, bring in business, and create new operational efficiencies. It’s a big topic for us at The B2SMB Summit, where we’ll hear from a number of leaders in the space, including Cisco’s Go-to-Market Lead Jenn Allen, Infor…

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